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Chick Hatching Program

The Chick Hatching (Life Cycle) Program and Incubation Project is our featured program and is very exciting, hands-on and educationally fun… operating successfully now for over a decade.

The Chick Hatching (Life Cycle) Program/Egg Incubation Project follows the life cycle of the chicken and creates an intriguing environment for learning that is very unique, engaging and interactive.

Nurture their love for animals as well as their thirst for knowledge and understanding as they participate in this one of a kind Life Cycle/Chick Hatching Program.

The Chick Hatching Program is a complete study based on the Life Cycle of the Chicken via an Egg Incubation Project and comes with curriculum, corresponding teacher guide, teacher supports and much more.

This life cycle program is very adaptable, providing fun, hands-on education for various ages. It allows you to decide to what degree you wish to expound on any area of the Chick Hatching (Life Cycle) Program curriculum. You can keep it simple or embellish on any of the desired subjects.

The curriculum itself is very user friendly. It is designed to alleviate the burdensome work and preparation that can be associated with themed education…Thus making it the perfect “turn-key” program of its kind.

Each part of the life cycle curriculum is supported by the teacher curriculum guide which in turn points you back to various corresponding activities, projects as well as discussion suggestions to make this a more, well rounded program.

The Chick Hatching (Life Cycle) Program/Egg Incubation Project is simple and informative…starting with the adult chicken, you will follow the life cycle from an egg, to an embryo, to a chick…completing the life cycle back to a mature chicken. During this program, a great deal of focus will be on the growth and development of the embryo via a candling project.

It is through this candling project that you will be able to visually see and follow the embryo as it slowly develops into a chick as you follow it through the various stages of its development.

You can choose any subject with in the Chick Hatching (Life Cycle) Program curriculum and decide how in depth you would like to get. You may opt to focus on only the frame work provided or you may want to expound on it and utilize the resources to its fullness.

There are many other supportive features included in the Chick Hatching/Life Cycle Program packet. Some of them embellish on areas that are most likely already being taught (depending upon age of course)…such as counting, color recognition, vocabulary and penmanship to name a few.

More advance materials also included for older children.

This creative Life Cycle Program is a two phase program. The first phase is the actual Egg Incubation period which takes 21 days. The second phase is the brooding phase.

It is during this second phase (brooding phase) that they enter their brooder. The brooder is basically a cage or other safe contained area of some sort in which the chicks graduate to once they are hatched and fully dried in the incubator. It is here that they are provided their food, water, bedding and a heat lamp.

The Chick Hatching (Life Cycle) Program/Egg Incubation Project is an incredible way to stimulate and educate young minds. This program was designed to engage children in a way that will cause them to build and retain information as well as challenge them to think.

Although this curriculum was designed for young children in mind, it is very adaptable for most any age and is suitable for use in schools, daycares, libraries, scouts, homeschoolers, private use & more.