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Thank you for your interest in Feathers to Fur…Animal Discovery & More! My name is Robin Sandeen and I am the sole proprietor. I first began providing animal educational programs back in 1999 but my experience goes much further back than that.

As young as I can remember, I had a special love and communication with animals. I was constantly drawn to them and found great peace in their presence. I always made a diligent effort to understand and relate to them and was often referred to as “Dr. Doolittle”.

Surrounded by woods and farms growing up, I spent the majority of my waking hours with animals. Often times I would just sit and observe them for hours at a time….as nature was my classroom.

Although most children have grandiose dreams of their future, my dream was very simple. I wanted a farm of my own filled with animals. I did in fact achieve that dream but that was just the beginning.

As I grew older, this passion only intensified and was very obvious to others, therefore many opportunities presented themselves. Throughout several decades I have had the privilege of caring for race horses in need of rehab and TLC, training animals, rehabilitating, delivering and owning various animal species including wild and exotics. I have educated many people on the proper animal care, handling and training as a personal consultant.

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I was honored to have been contacted by animal agents for movies, commercials and photo shoots as well. I have been licensed with the USDA and have held a Fisheries & Wildlife permit to own wild and exotic animals as an animal educator for many years. I also was a member of The Farm Bureau.


Due to my deep passion for animals as well as the fact that I have always enjoyed sharing them and my knowledge with others, I felt compelled to extend this opportunity to the public. I began traveling with my animals, offering animal educational, enrichment and therapeutic programs under a sister company.

Since then I have founded Feathers to Fur which is dedicated specifically to providing children’s animal educational programs and other animal educational services. All the programs are adaptable to any situation whether it is for schools, daycares, libraries, homeschoolers, scouts or even private home use. We aim to meet your needs.

Currently the menu of programs offered on this website are limited but additional programs and services will become available as they are rewritten and adapted for their use on line. We also offer programs at our location or yours if you are within our travel range. If interested in being contacted as new programs and services become available, please click here and join our newsletter.

Thank you for considering Feathers to Fur as your animal educational connection.